About Donate a bit

runningDonate a bit is a result of a recent experience in sending a small donation to a school in Ghana and the fun I had in doing it. The difference was that I used bitcoin to transfer the cash. Now if I had tried to do this via conventional methods it would have cost me more than the donation. So at that moment I knew I had to find more deserving charities who accept crypto currencies and having run for charities in the past it is something that I like doing. The problem normally is it has to go via the larger charities. you kind of need to go for the larger charities, whereas I think there is much more fun in locating a small charity that may appeal more. So in my case I managed to find a charity helping children in a village in Ghana and I was able to send the equivalent of 10 pounds in bitcoins within 4 seconds I for 4p. How wonderful is that, it is like giving them cash with no third party getting their cut. Unfortunately there are not that many needy causes using digital currencies, but this is changing and therefore it would make a lot of sense to have a directory where you could search for charity that appeals. In addition it would be great to somehow to be able to buy coffee or tea direct from the growers in Africa or India in a way to help them get away from poverty, I have to admit at this stage I am not sure how it will work with the customs and transportation, but I am sure this can develop over time. In other words what a great way to distribute wealth or help the needy either locally international!

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